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The Spicy Crab is a brand new Cajun boil and fry seafood restaurant. We have our very own special house flavor as well as great mixed seafood entree. Our unique decorations and atmosphere makes us great for family or business dining. We also have a variety of beers for your choice. Our mission is to bring the new Cajun Fusion Seafood to our local customers! We have our own special twist addition to the traditional cajun mix!


Dungeness crab, Oyster, King Crab Legs, Snow Crab Legs, Lobster, Crawfish, Mussels



Our Professional server ensure that your experience regarding our seafood will be one that you will not forget.


Book a table for two with the best seafood dishes served for the anniversary. Or reserve a bigger one for a huge family to get together one sunny day. Gather your friends together


You can also impress your boss by choosing the best place for corporate party with your co-workers. Reserve a spacious table, set the menu, choose the drinks and invite guests.


Enough seats for guests are all at your disposal. Organize a party for a huge company and have fun in the restaurant. Show your friends the real world of seafood and especially drinks.

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Whether you crave sweet, savory, decadent or healthy,
we have different top-rated seafood recipes to satisfy your taste buds.


THE SPICY CRAB Free Entree on 12/08/2016 at 5:00pm - 10:00pm.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

3:00pm - 12:00am

Saturday - Sunday

12:00pm - 12:00am

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529 E Valley Blvd #168,
San Gabriel, CA 91776

CALL: (626) 280-8909

The spicy crab

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